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IMBOLC CACAO CEREMONY, Evolve Wellness Centre

Please contact Evolve directly to book your place 020 7581 4090 or

In these exclusive, intimate sacred cacao ceremonies at Evolve I will take you on a guided inner journey. We will be diving deep in with cacao to discover more about ourselves, to find our own answers, release old emotional blockages, hurts, resentments, pains, fears, and gain peace and clarity.

These ceremonies are small and intimate because we want to focus on personal, individual healing. During the ceremony I will spend sacred time with each person to help clear any blockages, addictions, destructive behaviours or ancestral patterns that are no longer serving you. Each person will receive individual, customised healing specifically tailored for your individual needs, and increasing the transformational power of cacao.

These ceremonies are a unique opportunity to receive one on one healing with me in a sacred, healing and authentic plant medicine ceremony.

Cost: £50