Our Cacao Ceremonies are led by Rebekah Shaman. Rebekah has been working with plant medicines for over 17 years and has been working ceremonially with Cacao for the past three years. 

"Cacao opens the heart and helps us to connect back in with ourselves. It really is the most gentle and magical facilitator of healing that can bring us peace and clarity of mind and clear us of fears and anything that is blocking the path to happiness..."

In 1998, Rebekah trained with Don Juanito, a Peruvian Ayahuasquero shaman deep in the Amazon. Since that time she has been integrating what she learnt to be able to teach it within a western context. She has facilitated Shamanic ceremonies in Peru, workshops at festivals, including Burning Man, and has been lecturing on her experiences for the last nine years. She facilitates monthly cacao ceremonies in London, yoga cacao workshops and has a shamanic practice, offering coaching and empowerment readings. She also runs shamanic courses, workshops and retreats.  

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