Corporate Cacao Ceremonies for Team Building

Cacao Ceremonies for Corporate team building

A Cacao Ceremony can provide a great tool for bringing a team together. Journeying together with Cacao is a very bonding experience, creating more harmony and connection in the workplace with an increased flow of creativity and productivity. 

Thank you so much for coming to do the sharemony for us, the feedback is all very positive; ‘wonderful’ to quote a direct response..... It certainly feels like we have crossed some barriers here at Mood Foods in the way we interact together.
There is more communication and chatting and everyone’s unique characters have flourished a bit more as we make chocolate together. The fascinating thing is that we returned to work with more optimism and connectedness but this has then made a space for all sorts of personal dilemmas and concerns to rise up. Without doubt, the cacao has taken us all deeper into the dark and light of our work.
— Mood Foods Ombar

Please get in touch if you would like to  experience a bonding and uplifting Cacao Ceremony with your team.



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