Our latest delivery of the finest Raw Ashaninka Ceremonial Grade Cacao has just arrived off the boat straight from the Peruvian Amazon.

We work directly with the Ashaninka tribes to ensure the fairest pricing, protect the communities from loggers and the illegal cocaine trade, and maintain the highest quality Cacao.

The Cacao you buy directly supports the preservation of their lifestyle and habitat, ensuring this guardianship of the land is passed on for many generations.

Buying from us directly helps protect the Ashaninka tribes from the threat of illegal deforestation, Coca growing, and Palm Oil farming.

Our Prices (all based per kilo):

500g          - £30                                                 

1-4 kg        - £60

5 -8kg        - £55

10+ kg       - £50

This Cacao has a beautiful feminine energy, and we think it tastes absolutely divine. It's perfect for ceremonial use, making chocolates, or consuming regularly to improve your health and wellbeing.
We are also proud to be working with the Ashaninka in a way that benefits everyone.

Viva La Medicina!

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